Chili-Tomato Chicken and Pasta

Every so often I find I'm really craving pasta.  Last year I found a wonderful specialty pasta that has the best flavor.  It's called Chili-Tomato little hats pasta - but - I only bought one package 😒

I'm usually pretty good at tracking down such things online, but when the only option was to order this from a company in Germany, it seemed a bit laborious.  So, I'm going to use the last little bit of it to create something yummy and just hope to find this particular brand of pasta again someday.

I'm still deciding on the ingredients, but so far I'm thinking chicken with a tomato and sour cream base, kalamata olives, green garlic-stuffed olives, garlic, onion. . .and we'll see what else emerges. . . Hmmm, maybe artichokes. . .although those are usually better in a pasta salad recipe using Italian dressing.  Lots of options though.

1¼# chicken breast meat
½c dry white wine
¼c Tuscan Herb flavored olive oil
¼c minced garlic in olive oil
⅓ lg. onion - finely chopped
6oz. chopped roasted red peppers
4oz. sun dried tomatoes - chopped
3oz. GOYA Sofrito tomato base

Combine these ingredients in a 5qt. pot and bring to a quick simmer.  Turn of the heat and let everything marinate an hour or so.  After an hour, add the following ingredients:

a few leaves of dark green 'bubble' kale - chopped
14oz. petite diced tomatoes
2 sm.-med. zucchini - chopped
1 yellow pepper - chopped
⅔ lg. onion - chopped
1½c sliced kalamata olives
al dente cooked sm.-med. pasta
1c sour cream

This turned out amazing.  It was just what I was craving.

I omitted the artichokes and green olives, but I'll be doing something with those in the not too distant future.  A variation on one of my many Mediterranean Pasta Salads sounds like a good idea. . .Lin

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