Rosemary Seasoning

In a big salt or spice shaker mix the following:
4-6 T  ground rosemary
1t-1T  cayenne pepper
6 T  Himalayan pink salt
*1½t crushed-powdered Bouquet Garni
. . .or Italian Seasonings - optional

To me, what distinguishes a truly great spice shop is that they have Ground Rosemary!  Not easy to find, but well worth the search.  This is a blend I love.  The trick of course, as with any herb or spice seasoning, is getting the amounts right for your tastes.  This is especially good with lamb or chicken - even beef - as well as a hot Mediterranean Pasta Casserole or a Mediterranean Pasta Salad.

*To add a little more depth to the flavor of this seasoning, and not just the single note of rosemary, crush, mortar-and-pestal, either of these herb blends.  Then, shake through a strainer into a small bowl to obtain the finished amount of 1½ teaspoons of powder. . .Lin

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