Vegetable Tuna!

I found a wonderful Asian Market in my travels last week.  They sell little cans of Vegetable Tuna there.  I bought a few.  It's just tuna with a little bit of potato, peas, corn and chopped carrot that cook up during the canning process.  Nothing too unique or different.  

Today it sounded good though since I'm feeling really tired and run down from all the activity of this past week.  I started by steaming a big sliced carrot and a sm.-med. chopped Vidalia onion in a little butter and water.  When that was almost evaporated I drained the oil off the vegetable tuna and added it to the pan.  It seems to be helping.  Energy is returning!  Another quick and easy, way to get a good solid hit of protein when you need it, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. . .Lin 

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