For The Love Of Kimchi!!! - A Scandinavian Woman's Kimchi Adventure!!!

3# mixed cabbage - Purple, Napa and Green
¾c sea salt or Kosher salt
Cut the cabbage into quarters then slice.  Sprinkle with salt and work it in with your hands in a LARGE plastic or glass bowl.  Let this stand an hour or two before adding water.  Cover with 8-12c of water for 12-24 hours, weighing down the vegetables - to keep them submerged - with a heavy plate.

2 lg. carrots - julienne sliced
8oz. daicon radish - julienne sliced
1 bunch green onions - diagonally sliced
1 lg. leak cut into cross-sections and rings
½ Anaheim pepper - sliced

¼-½c finely chopped fresh ginger
½c finely minced fresh garlic
¼c fish sauce
2T finely crushed red pepper
2t granulated sugar

You can do this second batch of vegetables the same day, or wait till the next day.  I opted for the same day and to let them all 'marinate' together in a plastic bag in the 'fridge.  😊  Be forewarned however, the Anaheim peppers can be quite hot on your hands!  I've had problems with this in the past with some really aggressive Banana Peppers I grew years ago.  The pain of the heat lasted for days!  I didn't think Anaheim's were strong enough to cause discomfort, but I was wrong. . . 😡  When you chop peppers, it's always best to put liquid soap on your hands afterward.  Don't dilute it at all, just rub it in.  It has an emulsifying effect on the pepper oils that doesn't happen when you add water.  Work it in well, then rinse with warm water.  That should take care of the problem.  (do as I say, not as I do 😊 - profit from my bad experiences 😉) 

After 24 hours, rinse and drain the cabbage mixture very well.  Repeating several times.  Combine both bowls of vegetables and fill your jars.  This only made 3 quarts of Kimchi.  It needs to be tamped - packed down very well into the jars.  I bought special lids that let the gasses out as the Kimchi is fermenting.  There are ways around this, but I didn't want to hear glass jars breaking at 2 in the morning, so I went the easy route.

Leave the jars sealed for 24 hours in a cool dry place.  Then open to be sure the gas is escaping, recap and refrigerate for at least 48 hours.  The Kimchi will be more flavorful if it's allowed to ferment in the refrigerator a week or so.  Have fun with this!!!  This recipe is so inclusive of all the things I like in Kimchi, that I'm pretty sure it won't change much.  Possibly the amounts of garlic, ginger and red pepper will be adjusted a little, but that's about it.  I love the mix of vegetables I used for this. . .Lin 

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