Another Great Big Salad - And Sautéed For Breakfast

2 romaine hearts quartered lengthwise - chopped
1 med. Vidalia onion - halved and sliced
⅓ sm. head green cabbage - sliced
⅓ sm. head purple cabbage - sliced

1 med. mini English cucumber
½ med. tomato - chopped
½ avocado - chopped
½ can drained-rinsed black beans
your favorite dressing and croutons

This make one very big salad or 2-3 side salads.  Start with your ingredients for a good, hearty, lettuce mix.  Lately Romaine is my go-to lettuce base to mix with the heartier cabbages.  Onion also adds such a nice flavor when combined with the greens.  I store this in the spinner bowl, in the refrigerator after it's all put together.  This has worked so well for me.  It keeps the mix fresh for at least 5 days, sometimes 7.

This morning I decided to steam, then sauté some of the lettuce mix in a little butter, to go with a couple eggs for breakfast.  I hope it's clear to each of you that I feel 'thinking outside the box' is ALWAYS a good thing when it comes to food choices.  Most people would pair eggs with toast, potatoes, bacon or sausage.  While those can be good options, eating a bit lighter, with different ingredients, can really be a nice change.   

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