Asparagus (Broccoli-Carrot-Spinach) Soup

1 big bunch of fresh asparagus
6oz. fresh mushrooms - sliced
2 big carrots - grated
a bunch of green onions - sliced
10oz. fresh spinach - chopped
12oz. frozen chopped broccoli
½ a bunch of cilantro - chopped
6 lg. cloves garlic - minced
2t-2T powdered chicken soup base
2c water
2-3c half and half

Snap off the bottoms from each spear of asparagus, chop and boil them in a couple cups of water.  If they're tender enough to use in the soup, keep them separate for now, adding them at the end.  If not, mix them with your dog's food.  (S)he'll probably love them as much as my dogs do.

Slice the asparagus very thin into a big pot.  Add the rest of the ingredients except the half and half.  Simmer 30-45 minutes.  Decide if you want to keep the soup as is, or blend it smooth.  Check the flavors.  You might want to add a little nutmeg or pumpkin pie spice to bring out some interesting flavors.  Pepper, red and black or lemon pepper would also be nice.  Blend, or keep it chunky, add the half and half.  Serve with sunflower seeds, croutons and sour cream. . .Lin

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