Rhubarb - A Wonderful Fruit

Rhubarb is something I've learned to 'harvest as it grows.'  If I were to wait 'till the end of the season, it would be really big, tough and not nearly as flavorful.

Every couple weeks, I go out, pull the biggest stalks, wash them well, chop and freeze the fruit.  I get between 4-5 cups of chopped rhubarb each time from this tiny little clump of mine.  

It's so good as a sauce, coffee cake, desserts of all kinds.  I recently made a rhubarb dessert with a ginger snap—lemon shortbread crust that turned out so well!  An old friend of mine recently posted on his Facebook page that he'd just discovered Rhubarb Lemonade!!  Now doesn't THAT sound awesome!!

If you can develop the ability to Think Outside The Norm, it's amazing how much interesting stuff you can create.  Currently, I have an idea rolling around my mind regarding Rhubarb Frozen Yogurt! - Don't Just Think It - Do It!!  😊 . . . Lin

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