Smoked Goat Chops. . .Oh My. . .These Were AWESOME

3-4# smoked goat chops, trimmed
LOTS of garlic - finely chopped
1c dry white wine
2-3T butter
a few red potatoes - chopped
1 med. sweet potato - scrubbed, sliced and chopped
1 lg. onion - chopped
water and butter for sautéing

I tilted the pan and covered it with a paper towel to absorb the grease.  I really like the taste of 'gamey' meat.  Lamb, Venison, Elk and now also Goat.  These goat chops were just extraordinary.  They were still a bit on the tough side, even after cooking long and slow, but the flavor was The Best!!

I sautéed the goat chops in butter and garlic, which was just on the top, not touching the pan at this point.  I added a little water early on and then the white wine.  Covered it all and simmered for over an hour.  At the end I added some beef soup base then thickened the gravy with flour and water.

I'm amazed at how well all this turned out.

Goat Meat Rocks!!

Be Bold - Be Creative. . .

Try New Things!!! . . . Lin

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