Red, Green and Purple Steamed Vegetables

½ lg. head green cabbage
½ med. head purple cabbage
1 red beet - scrub-don't peel
1 scarlet turnip - scrub-don't peel
1c water
1t of each of the spices shown
1t fresh ground garlic sea salt

1 bunch beet greens-(slice) + stems-(chop)
½ med. yellow onion - chopped
⅓ lg. red bell pepper - sliced
2-3t spicy coriander (cilantro) chutney
3-4T basil pesto

⅓ bunch fresh cilantro - leaves + stems - chopped

Cube the cabbage into 1" pieces.  Slice, chop the beet and turnip.  If you use turnip of any kind, slice-chop small, mine didn't cook quite enough and were chewy.  Rinse the chopped beet in a strainer.  This will minimize the amount of discoloration of the lighter vegetables.  Add water and seasonings, cover and steam (once you hear the water boiling) for 15 minutes.  Add the next group of ingredients and a little more water if needed, when this begins to steam again, continue steaming for another 15 minutes.

Sprinkle on the cilantro, cover and remove from the heat for 10 minutes.  Stir and serve.  This is a really healthy vegetable dish.  Mmmm have I mentioned How Much I Love Vegetables!!  This would be perfect by itself, with maybe a sprinkle of panko breadcrumbs and grated hard cheese.  It would also be good with grilled steak, chicken or fish. (or, with leftover ahi tuna meatloaf 😋). . .Lin

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