Chicken. . .

There are so many things we can do with chicken!  I always love having some leftover to create interesting things for lunch and dinner, and today, even breakfast!

Avocado Chicken Waldorf
1 chopped apple
3-4oz. chicken
1 green onion
½ avocado
a handful of:
~ cashews
~ raisins
⅛ lemon

Chop, slice or dice all the ingredients into a medium glass bowl.  Add a squeeze of lemon and a couple tablespoons or enough mayonnaise to hold everything together  Mix and serve over chopped romaine lettuce. . .Lin

Chicken Bowl
¼ lg. avocado
3-4oz. chicken
3 baby dill pickles
1 whole deviled egg
a handful of cashews
1-2T minced sweet onion
a little sriracha mayonnaise

There are rice bowls, vegetable bowls, noodle bowls, and now - here's a chicken bowl!  Mmmm - This was breakfast today!  Chop, slice or dice all the ingredients into a small-medium glass bowl.  Add a little of the mayo, mix and eat. . .Lin

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