Another Smoked Goat Chop Adventure

Why didn't I buy about 50# of these??
1½# smoked goat chops
2T butter
fresh ground pepper
fresh ground garlic sea salt
6 cloves garlic - minced
1 lg. purple shallot - minced
1c dry white wine

Trim the goat chops of all exterior fat then put in a large non-stick or cast iron pan, with the simmering ingredients.  Simmer these on medium heat to evaporate the wine and sauté everything together to bring out all the fabulous flavors.

When the wine begins to disappear, increase the heat and let the 'chops' brown.  As this happens, add more butter or wine as needed to keep them from sticking.  Simmer, covered, with more liquid added as needed.  At the end, remove the chops and make gravy from the cooking liquid, mashed up shallots and garlic.  Add a flour roux if necessary as well as some beef soup base to up the flavor a bit.  This would be just wonderful with garlic mashed potatoes, but today I opted for steamed carrots and green beans.  .  .Lin

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