Crispy Corn and Bean Salad

5 ears of fresh corn - steamed
½ red sweet pepper - chopped
1 lg. Vidalia onion - chopped
4-6 lg. cloves garlic - minced
2 cans beans - drained and rinsed
¼c sun-dried tomatoes - minced
2T lemon or lime juice
⅔c mild-medium salsa
⅓c regular or spicy mayonnaise 

After steaming the corn and cutting off the kernels - don't just throw those cobs away!!  If there's any chance of soup in your future, strain the water left from steaming the corn, then scrape the cut cobs and put all the 'corn cream' into the water.  This will make a great thickening soup base!  If there's no soup in your future, you can combine the water with your dog's dry food, which they love.  Then, salt the cobs and chew on those!  You'll be amazed at how good all the left-behind-corn tastes and how much there actually is!  Today, corn-cobs with half a tomato and a cucumber will be Lunch!

Break up the corn and combine with the remaining ingredients in a medium-large bowl.  Chill a couple hours to blend all the flavors before serving.

This is great as a salad, or side dish with grilled chicken, fish, a perfectly cooked burger or steak, mac-'n-cheese. . .or just about anything.  You could also add some crumbled feta cheese for flavor and texture. . .Lin

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