International Potato Corn Pepper Chowder

3 big cobs of cooked frozen multi-colored corn - from Vietnam
4 BEAUTIFUL small red potatoes - from Wisconsin
1 lg. green pepper - from Super One Foods in Duluth, MN
1 perfect onion - from Vadalia, Georgia
1 HUGE carrot - from Bolthouse Farms - Bakersfield, CA
2c frozen skinny green beans - from Aldi Grocery Store - Superior, WI
Ajvar - YUMMY eggplant, pepper, vegetable base - from Bulgaria
1-2c really good dry white wine
13 gorgeous garlic cloves - from somewhere in the Midwest
2T instant chicken soup base - from Orrington Farms in St. Louis, MO

This cooked, frozen, Vietnamese corn, known as Indian Corn here, is very starchy and not as flavorful or tender as what we 'ugly' Americans are used to in this country.  I've decided to use it and create a recipe around it anyway, for the learning and cultural experience of it.  😉

Cut the corn off the cobs, break them in half and put the cobs into a 5qt. pot.  Add just enough water to barely cover all of them.  Simmer on a low-medium bubble for an hour or so, then remove from the heat to cool.

Sauté the cut-off corn with the chopped potatoes, green pepper, onion and carrot together in a big non-stick pan with some flavored olive oil and butter.  Try to get a bit of a browning and char on everything.  Add a little white wine, then toss in the chopped green beans.  Combine the corn cob water and 10oz. of the Ajvar and mix with the simmering vegetables.  Simmer everything together another half hour, adding more oil, butter or wine as needed.  Scrape the corn cobs, removing all the creamy corn germ, and add it to the pot.  This will thicken the soup.  Add this and the finely chopped garlic to the chowder.  Simmer awhile again, then check the seasonings, adding a couple tablespoons of instant chicken soup base, more water or white wine.  Simmer another 20 minutes or so.

I had more fun making this big pot of soup than anything I can remember in ages!! 😃 Except for those great Smoked Goat Chops!!  

Sometimes it's just a really Great Cooking Adventure to take the time to work with some different ingredients and see what evolves!  Today, I'm really glad I did! Mmmmm this is really good soup! . . . Lin

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