Carrot-Beet-Walnut-Kale Salad

Today is Sunday. . .
This is the kale I bought at the Duluth Farmer's Market on Wednesday!  I've recut the ends a couple times and given it new, cold water in a 'vase' but I have to say, I'm so impressed with the cleanliness and quality of the vegetables I've bought there.  In times past, this kale would be browning and wilting a couple days after I bought it.  This is still fresh and amazing.  Worthy of a fine, creative recipe!  And I still have a half a bunch left to create a Chicken Corn Potato Chowder with Kale in the next couple days. . .Stay tuned!

I pulled the leaves off the stem of the kale, discarded the stems, then finely sliced the leaves and washed in my salad spinner.  Next I sprinkled them well with salt and massaged it into the leaf strips, supposedly breaking down the fibers a bit.  I rinsed that well, getting off all the salt.  Put the washed, rinsed, salted, massaged, rinsed and spun-dry kale in a large bowl.  

To that add:

2 med. carrots - scrubbed and grated
1 lg. red beet - scrubbed and grated
⅔c chopped walnuts - chopped finer than shown
1-2 lg. cloves fresh garlic - finely minced
½ med.-lg. purple onion - sliced thin
3-4oz. Mizkan Sesame Dressing

Toss this all together.  The other dressing shown was not used.  The 3-4oz. of Sesame Dressing was all that was needed for a great, light dressing for this whole big bowl.  I scooped out a smaller bowl of this and added feta cheese, a little fresh ground garlic sea salt and black pepper. . .Oh, this is sooo good!!  Also one of the healthiest salad options ever!  This will keep, covered in the 'fridge, for several days.  Just toss and serve. . . Lin 

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