Peggy's Salad Dressing

⅔c canola-sunflower oil
¼c white wine vinegar
¼c white table wine
1t organic cane sugar
1t roasted granulated garlic
1t fresh ground garlic sea salt
½t finely ground black pepper
2t-1T champagne dill mustard
1t Worchestshire sauce

It's so nice to find a product you really love - but equally frustrating when it's no longer available, for whatever the reason.  My friend Peggy loved her Light Champagne Vinaigrette salad dressing which apparently has just met such a fate.

Once I've tasted something I can almost always duplicate it without knowing the actual ingredients.  This time I am trying to duplicate this dressing only with the list of ingredients, having never tried it.  While I was unable to find Champagne Vinegar, the white wine vinegar and actual white wine I used seemed to work well.  The result is a nice, lighter, Italian-type dressing, not too vinegary, mustardy or sweet.  The lightness is maintained by using the canola-sunflower oil blend rather than extra virgin olive oil, usually found in Italian dressings.

Combine all the ingredients in a pint size Mason jar, shake and serve over your favorite tossed salad.  This would be an excellent one over a Mediterranean Pasta Salad - I have several here, but this is one of my favorites *  In this recipe you'd just substitute this dressing for the Lemon Oil Dressing and seasonings. . .Have Fun - Be Creative - Happy Cooking. .😉. .Lin

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